We’re in the Home Stretch

By this evening, the new CD, “Heroes”  will be mixed, mastered and burned onto a demo disc for me to bring home, listen to it and pick it apart for any last minute changes. I suspect those will be minimal, if any at all.  Then tomorrow morning, we will be uploading the project to Discmakers for production. I just did a listen through to the unmastered mix and I’m so excited! The artwork looks fantastic, thank you Gigi Dover. The record is sounding so good, thank you Eric Lovell and all the players  and singers who contributed their amazing talents to this project.  We are indeed in the Home Stretch and I can’t wait to have the final product in my hands, just in time to have it with me for my upcoming shows in Austin.

Cover Picture for “Heroes” CD

So proud of my talented daughter Erin Hayes, for designing the cover picture for my new CD, “Heroes” which will be released soon!

cd cover heroes

Music is a Heart Thing

A friend recently asked me how I like being paid to play music for a living. After some thought I responded, “I don’t get paid to play music, I do that for free. I get paid to haul all my equipment around.” I love what I do. I love seeing the look of enjoyment in people’s eyes when I play a song or tell a story. I love watching a little child dance with complete abandon, or a couple dancing close together during a slow love song. I love it when I look out into the audience and see people singing along, especially when it’s one of my tunes!

I love the creative process. It keeps me young at heart.  I love writing a song and watching it develop and change into something really special, as I perform it over time. I love hanging around with creative people, other musicians, artists, music lovers. So, I guess I do get paid, sort of.  Music is a heart thing, and the currency with which I am paid to play is so much better than money.  So, money pays the bills, but the joy of playing music feeds the soul!

Tiny Stage Concerts Presents:

New Video! Tiny Stage Concerts with my talented daughter, Erin Hayes. You can check it out on my home page and in my video archives. Thank you Louis Beeler for doing this for us! Go to Tiny Stage Concerts on Facebook and Youtube to check out some of the many talented songwriters in the Charlotte area.

What’s New with Mitch Hayes Music

For starters, the new CD “Heroes” is in the finishing stages, and I’m so excited about it. Lots of family and friends had a part in it’s creation. I’m still hoping for an August 1 release date. I’m staying quite busy, performing, writing, hosting open mics and such. Some new venues are on the horizon, this month. They include, High Branch Brewing Co., in Concord NC, Juggling Gypsy, in Wilmington NC, Ass Clown Brewing Co., in Cornelius, NC, Rhino Market & Deli, in Charlotte NC, Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe in Greenville, SC. Check out my calendar for these shows and more. Hope to see lots of friends, along the way!

New CD Is Getting Close!


Awesome time last night at OTPH, Cornelius!

Today, I will be in the recording studio with my son Jordan Hayes and daughter Erin Hayesoweth, putting most of the finishing touches and background vocals on my new CD. The amazing Mike Alicke will be dropping by on Monday to lay down a couple of lead guitar tracks, then it will be DONE except for the mixing and mastering wizardry of Eric Lovell.

Hoping for a release date in time to take copies with me to Austin TX, in August.

Fingers crossed, thinking Happy Thoughts (and perhaps a little “Fairy Dust”) and it’ll be ready to fly!

New Release

We have a new CD scheduled for release near the end of July 2016. Stay tuned for more information.

Mitch Hayes in Concord on 06/11/16

Mitch Hayes in Saluda on 03/24/17

Playing for a 4-tap takeover by Pisgah Brewing, who will be featuring an awesome Vanilla Nitro Porter! Music starts at 8pm