Mitch & Erin Hayes

Mitch & Erin Hayes

It’s just in their DNA. Mitch and Erin Hayes come from a long line of entertainers, singers, musicians, dancers, actors (tv, film and stage).

Mitch Hayes has been playing and singing since he was a teenager, beginning as a drummer in a garage band with his brother and some friends. He plays multiple instruments; guitar, banjo, drums, harmonica, bass and various hand percussion instruments. He began writing his own songs while in his mid 20’s.

Erin is a gifted and versatile singer, both as a lead and harmony vocalist, and and accomplished flutist. She has been singing and playing since she was in middle school. In addition to performing with her father, she lends her vocal and instrumental talents to several Greensboro bands. She has also recently taken up playing bass, and is becoming quite good.

The two got together in 2011 to play at an open mic held at The Flatiron in Greensboro. They had so much fun, and were so well received, that they continued to do open mics at every opportunity. It was not long before they realized that they had something special, so they then began booking themselves as an acoustic duo, performing first throughout the Carolinas, and eventually nationally.

Their vocal blend, excellent musicianship and song delivery along with their eclectic mix of Mitch’s original songs and likeable covers, has made them a highly sought-after musical act.