Mitch’s Muse – January 2019

Hello Everyone!

I’m pleased to be sending this, my inaugural Newsletter discussing all things Mitch Hayes Music with you, my friends and fans. I’ll be sending out one of these, every month or so, updating you on what’s happening in my world. I’ll announce special events, regional and national tours, and any other news I’d like to share with you. I hope you will enjoy reading up on the latest from Mitch Hayes Music. I would also like to invite anyone who wishes, to write me back and let me know what’s going on in your world. That will make this more of a family affair and I kind of like that idea.  And by all means, if you know of someone who might be interested in my music or catching a show, please feel free to forward this along to them.

First off, I hope all of you had a Very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year. I certainly had a wonderful Christmas and I’m starting off 2019 with a BANG! I decided it was time to begin working with a booking agent, someone with the connections to help me further my career and to take some of the responsibilities of booking shows off my shoulders so I can spend more time on the creative side of things, like songwriting, recording, performing, etc. I “hooked up” with an amazing guy, Matt Lindi, in Mooresville, NC. Matt is a good friend and has worked in the music industry for many years, up and down the East Coast and across the country. He has a wealth of knowledge about the business and has lots of connections. He’s a talented songwriter and musician, in his own right and I’m really looking forward to working with him. Sidebar, Matt is also my web designer and has done a truly marvelous job of making my website., look so good.

I’ve begun working on my third CD and I’ll again be recording with Eric Lovell at Blu Bubble Studios in Charlotte, NC. We had our initial sit-down and talk about it a few weeks ago, to decide on which songs we want to record. We’ll be starting pre-production in the next couple of weeks. This one is going to be a Mitch & Erin Hayes album, with the working title of “A Long Way Home.” I’m excited to be going back into the studio and even more so, that I will be working on a project that highlights more of my amazing daughter’s talent as a vocalist and flautist. I’ll be sending out updates, periodically as to our progress.

In other news, plans are in the works to attend the Southeast Regional Folk Alliance conference in Chattanooga Tennessee, May 15-19. SERFA is a gathering of some of the finest songwriters and story tellers in the country. I’ll have the opportunity to learn from and to network with industry professionals, fellow artists, producers and executives. I’m so excited to be going and to be soaking up all the knowledge I can. I’m also going to apply for a showcase, where I will have the opportunity to perform in front of so many talented and influential people. Color me nervous.

After SERFA, I will be heading back out to the great state of Texas, for another mini-tour. I’m working out the details, now. When it gets closer to the event, I’ll be sending out a newsletter with the details of the tour. As of now I’m planning to set up shows in Dallas, Ft. Worth and Austin and hopefully some gigs along the way out and back. Kerrville, anyone?  🙂

I think I’ve probably rambled on enough, for now. I thank you all for your interest in my music and I look forward to seeing all of you or as many as possible, in the upcoming year.

See you at a show, soon!

Upcoming Shows – Jan / Feb 2019

01/10/19 @ 7:00pm – Commoners Brewing Company – Concord, North Carolina

01/11/19 @ 9:00pm – Red Hill Brewing – Concord, North Carolina

01/18/19 @ 7:00pm – Commoners Brewing Company – Concord, North Carolina

01/19/19 @ 9:00pm – Lil’ Robert’s Place – Concord, North Carolina

01/24/19 @ 7:00pm – Commoners Brewing Company – Concord, North Carolina

02/01/19 @ 8:00pm – Morgan Ridge Railwalk Brewery & Eatery – Salisbury, North Carolina

02/02/19 @ 10:00pm – Original Empire – Rock Hill, South Carolina

02/07/19 @ 7:00pm – Commoners Brewing Company – Concord, North Carolina

02/14/19 @ 7:00pm – Upcountry Brewing Company – Asheville, NC

02/15/19 @ 7:00pm – Commoners Brewing Company – Concord, North Carolina

02/21/19 @ 7:00pm – Foothills Brewing Company – Winston-salem, North Carolina

02/22/19 @ 7:00pm – New Sarum Brewing Company – Salisbury, North Carolina

02/28/19 @ 7:00pm – Commoners Brewing Company – Concord, North Carolina

Visit for full details

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