Music is a Heart Thing

A friend recently asked me how I like being paid to play music for a living. After some thought I responded, “I don’t get paid to play music, I do that for free. I get paid to haul all my equipment around.” I love what I do. I love seeing the look of enjoyment in people’s eyes when I play a song or tell a story. I love watching a little child dance with complete abandon, or a couple dancing close together during a slow love song. I love it when I look out into the audience and see people singing along, especially when it’s one of my tunes!

I love the creative process. It keeps me young at heart.  I love writing a song and watching it develop and change into something really special, as I perform it over time. I love hanging around with creative people, other musicians, artists, music lovers. So, I guess I do get paid, sort of.  Music is a heart thing, and the currency with which I am paid to play is so much better than money.  So, money pays the bills, but the joy of playing music feeds the soul!

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