Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival

This past Saturday I had the honor of performing in this amazing festival,¬†which celebrates the old time tradition of folks gathering on the porch in the evening or on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, playing, singing, and just shooting the breeze with their neighbors. It takes place every fall in the lovely little town of Oriental on the North Carolina coast. As I walked around the waterfront area, I heard beautiful music drifting on the air from numerous front porches. I heard Gospel, Folk, Country, Bluegrass, just about any kind of music one could ask for, even some storytelling and spoken word. I had the pleasure of performing on the porch of M&M’s Cafe, down by the marina. What a fine establishment, with great food and service and the owner Dave Sargent was such a nice guy and a pleasure to meet. I look forward to doing it again, next year.

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