Mitch’s Muse – May 2019

Greetings and salutations to all my friends and fans out there! Things are happening here at Mitch Hayes Music, lots to share with you this month.

For starters, In just a couple of weeks, I will be off to Chattanooga on the initial stop of my Tennessee to Texas 2019 tour, to take in the Southeast Region Folk Alliance (SERFA) conference. It’s going to be an awesome 5-day event with amazing educational workshops, Artist Showcases, a keynote speech by Ellis Paul, one of the finest and most accomplished songwriter and Folk artists of our time.

In addition to the official showcases, there will be nightly Guerrilla Showcases (I’ll be performing in a few of those, myself), open mics, and lots of networking and getting to know my fellow songwriters and recording artists, from all over the country. I know I’ll feel like a kid in a candy store or like a child on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come.

Two Fer Texas

Immediately after SERFA, I’ll be driving out to Dallas to be joined by my talented daughter, Erin Hayes, for the remainder of the tour:

Mitch & Erin Hayes | Two For Texas


  • Friday May 24 – 6:00 Marker 10 Lounge at The Hyatt Regency, Austin TX
  • Saturday May 25 – 7:00 SquareRut Kava Bar, Austin TX
  • Sunday May 26 – 11:00 am Homespun Kitchen, Dripping Springs, TX
  • Wednesday May 29 – 3:00 Vista Ridge Nursing Center, Lewisville, TX (we’ll be performing for my parents and the other residents at the facility)
  • Thursday May 30 – 7:00 Opening Bell Coffee, Dallas, TX with local artist Graham Jones opening the show
  • Friday May 31 – 7:00 Old Town Wine House, Lewisville, TX
  • Saturday June 1 – 7:00 Old Town Brewhouse, Lewisville, TX
  • Sunday June 2 – 5:00 Kyrie Pub Church, Ft. Worth, TX

We’re especially looking forward to performing at Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas along with singer/songwriter and local legend, Graham Jones. Opening Bell, one of the nations finest and most respected listening rooms has hosted quite the amazing array of talented performers. To quote The Dallas Observer: “Leon Bridges, Drake Bell, Sarah Jaffe, Maren Morris, The Milk Carton Kids and more than 20 contestants from The Voice have performed there over the past years.” So, as you can see, we are thrilled to be performing there!

More Exciting News

I’m also excited to announce that we will be soon releasing two singles from our upcoming EP, “A Long Way Home.” They will hopefully be available for download in the next couple of weeks, in time for the tour.

Much of my excitement for this EP is because it will be the first official recording project as a duo with my frequent performing and touring partner and my daughter, Erin Hayes. She and my son, Jordan have contributed to both of my previous projects, but this one will feature her more prominently both on lead vocals and on the flute. This is truly a “proud Dad” moment for me!

The two tracks about to be released are “A Long Way Home,” and “Firewater,” both popular favorites in our live show. “A Long Way Home” is a classic Southern California style Country-Rock tune the talks about feeling lost and directionless in one’s life. We’ve all been there at one time or another. There’s even a prayer for divine help in the second verse. “I need a gust of wind to move me, farther on down the line, I’m not sure where I’m going, I need an Angel by my side!”

The second track, “Firewater,” showcasing our more bluesy side, is a cry to society take care of our children and protect them from such abuses as child abuse, human trafficking, poverty, hunger, to name a few. Children are our legacy and the future of all mankind. “Save the children, if you want to save the land, teach the children, show them how to make a stand, love the children, make them all understand, what we’re building is all a part of the plan.” The song features a powerful lead vocal and flute solo by my daughter and duo partner, Erin Hayes. We can’t wait to get it out there for everyone to hear.

Well, I’ve probably rambled on long enough for one newsletter. As always, I thank all of you, my friends, fans and family, for your continued support.

See you at a show, soon!

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