Thoughts From The Road – Howdy From Texas

Well, Chattanooga and SERFA was a truly awesome and amazing experience. I drove out to Texas, refreshed and invigorated on that high, ready for some more musical mischief.

I spent the first few days in Lewisville, just north of Dallas, hanging out with family and relaxing.

The highlight for me was taking my Dad to a Rangers baseball game. We had an awesome day at the ballpark, watching the game, with a beer and a couple of hotdogs. That’s just what you do at a major league ballgame. And my Dad really loves his baseball!

To cap it off, Rangers won, so it was just an all-around great day.

Dad and I enjoying some baseball!

Erin and I at SquareRüt Kava Bar
On Wednesday, the 22nd, Erin flew into Dallas to join me and on Friday we drove down to Austin for the first of 3 shows and to spend time with more family.

First up, Marker 10 Lounge at The Hyatt Regency. Great crowd, lots of folks hung out listening to us and seemed to really appreciate what we did.

Saturday night we played at one of my favorite spots in Austin, SquareRüt Kava Bar. They love their live music there, especially live original music. We had a good crowd and manager Matt Lanier is such a cool guy, just plain “good people!” We’ll be coming back next time we’re in Texas.

On Sunday, we were in Dripping Springs, just outside Austin at Homespun Kitchen, a popular spot for local musicians to play. It didn’t disappoint. Again, great crowd of truly appreciative folks who loved our music.

So, Austin was a total success, plus we got to visit with family while we were there.

Next up, Dallas and Fort Worth for 4 more shows.

Details to come, stay tuned!

One thought on “Thoughts From The Road – Howdy From Texas

  1. Great that you can get a chance to see family on the way to your gigs. Enjoy the tour. Stay moving and dreaming. Once you slow down the next transition is stopping. Once you stop the dreams dry up and they just return to dust.So brother keep moving on.

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