Thoughts From The Road – SERFA 2019 – Part 2

I’m in Texas now, getting ready for our first appearance at Marker 10 Lounge in Austin on Friday night, and I’m still abuzz from my first SERFA. What an amazing experience!!!

While at SERFA, I had lots of opportunities to play in late-night showcases, and to hang out and jam with, or listen to, the music of so many talented artists.

Among those opportunities was the invitation by David Hakan to be interviewed for KC Café Radio, an Internet-based radio station playing “The World’s Finest Original Music” from both emerging and established independent artists 24 hours-a-day, and to play a couple of my tunes live during the interview.

David was such a good host and interviewer, and a joy to work with. He put me at ease from the get-go and the interview was more like just sitting down and having a chat with a friend. We talked a bit about what got me into the whole business of singing, writing and performing. We talked about what inspired me to write the two songs I played live, “All My Heroes” and “The Word Is You.”

We just had a really great time of fellowship and I’m so thankful to David for what he does for the artists at SERFA, much the same as what our own Louis Beeler does, here in Charlotte, our local community of musicians.

If you have an appetite for ‘new and different’, you might want to check them out using the links I have provided.

I hope you enjoy the interview and the tunes.

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